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Prepare for retirement with advice from a financial professional who can help you make wise investments. Cornerstone Wealth Management offers qualified 401(k) rollover assistance to help you strategize your tax withholdings. Our advisors will streamline the rollover process and help you decide between investing in a Roth or traditional IRA. There are some important considerations to make when you’re making a 401(k) rollover to IRA, including whether you want to pay income tax now or in the future. Speak to one of our financial consultants to discuss your options.

Is Your 401(k) Taxed at Retirement?

One of the most common considerations about 401(k) rollovers to IRAs are the tax implications. You will be presented with the option of a Roth IRA, which means you’ll be taxed now for the amount rolled over. On the other hand, a traditional IRA will tax you when you withdraw your savings in retirement. Our advisors will determine if your 401(k) is taxed at retirement or otherwise assist you in making a direct rollover. Allow us to guide you in choosing the most favorable financial strategies for your unique situation.

These are some reasons why our clients choose a 401(k) rollover:

  • More diverse investment portfolio
  • Less expensive investments
  • Lower account fees
  • Consolidate investments

Consult with Cornerstone Wealth Management

When you’re ready to roll over your 401(k), trust the qualified financial professionals at Cornerstone Wealth Management. We have a passion for helping individuals and families reach their retirement goals through solid investment decisions. Consult with our advisors to get a clear understanding of your financial standing, retirement needs and how we can help you get there. We’ll make your 401(k) rollover to IRA go smoothly and ensure that we customize our strategies to suit your lifestyle. It all starts with an initial meeting where we’ll discuss your taxable savings and the best investment methods for your IRA.

Rollover Your 401(k) with Confidence

If you want to rollover a retirement account or are wondering whether your 401(k) will be taxed at retirement, set up a meeting with our financial consultants. Cornerstone Wealth Management wants to help you invest wisely, so you can look forward to the ideal retirement. Schedule a meeting by calling 702.878.4742 and begin planning for your financial future.

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