Get to know Daniel Mann

Headshot - Dan

Daniel Mann

Partner/Co-Founder, Investment Advisor Representative and Insurance Professional

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Daniel

  1. Dan grew up in Utah and loves skiing with his children.
  2. Dan was unable to have kids for the first 12 years of marriage and now has Savannah, 14, and Porter, 10.
  3. Dan wanted to be a pilot, but the Navy would not take him for medical reasons.
  4. Dan’s Grandpa Heaton, a dairy farmer, is one of his biggest inspirations.
  5. Dan’s first job was cleaning rooms at the local high school — he still likes to vacuum.
  6. Dan has a cabin in Duck Creek, Utah, and loves spending weekends there with his family.
  7. Dan obtained his insurance license in 1990. His father told him that with an insurance license, you will always have a job.
  8. A big Andre Agassi fan, Dan even named his dog Andre!
  9. Dan moved to Las Vegas in 2001 to help new retirees with their investments.
  10. Dan is an avid ping pong player.
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