Get to know Ted Kovacevich

Headshot - Ted

Ted Kovacevich

Managing Associate

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ted

  1. Ted restored a custom 1967 Volkswagen with his dad 35 years ago — and he still drives it!
  2. Ted’s grandpa was a commercial fisherman who fished for a living from San Pedro to Cabo San Lucas.
  3. Ted was a DJ as a youth, mixing records at dances and weddings.
  4. Ted fell in love with his next-door neighbor and high school sweetheart, Julie, and they’ve been married for more than 25 years.
  5. Ted traveled the world racing ATVs at monster truck shows.
  6. Ted taught himself to drive on a dirt road in Arkansas and still loves driving on dirt.
  7. In order to buy pizza whenever he wanted, Ted took his first job at age 12, delivering newspapers.
  8. Ted handed down his passion for photography and cooking to his three daughters.
  9. Ted’s mom gave him a love for sunsets, and you can still find him on the lake at sunset.
  10. Outdoors is where you can find Ted with his daughters, either wakeboarding, mountain biking or racing through the desert on their ATVs.
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